Table not showing changes made in form bound to same datasource/properties.

I have seen other post on this subject, but they tend to be older and none seem to specifically address my issue, as they deal with two containers or have other differences.

Here is what I have:

  1. I have a bean container that contains 1 or more bean. Each bean has properties that are extension to ObjectProperty.

  2. I have a table that taks that bean container as it’s data source.

  3. I do not autogenerate the columns instead I use code like the following to do so:

     this.tb_1.setVisibleColumns(new Object {"startDate","endDate","allocAmt1","allocAmt2"});        
     this.tb_1.setColumnHeader("startDate", "Start Date");
     this.tb_1.setColumnAlignment("startDate", Align.CENTER);
  4. When an user selects a new record, I bind the components in the form to the selected records using “setPropertyDataSource”.

  5. The table is set to immediate true, as it each of the fields.

  6. When I change a field, everything works fine, except the change is not shown in the table.

It is like the table is not being notified of the changes, and thus not being updated. What have I missed.

Thank you

After doing some more testing, realized that the table value was not being changed even when I changed the value of the property using setValue.


Do you have a reduced example you could share?


Not at this point. I have been some testing, and the data does update when I reattach the data source, which also seems to mean reseting pretty much everything in the table.

I will attempt to put a demo together and post it.