Table not displayed


I created a split pane GUI with a table on the right side. When I select a table entry and press a button I create and show a
table under the first one, which shows details for the selected entry.

When I do this a couple of times in a row a strange error happens. I know there is data for this detail table but no table is shown (see attached picture). Only one vertical bar is displayed.

A workaround is this: I move the splitter a little bit. After that the correct table appears.

I tried a lot of refreshing to do this in another way (
requestRepaint(), requestRepaintAll()
) but that doesn’t work.

Any hint how to redraw the table automatically?

Thanks Thorsten

It’s hard to say what the problem could be. The first thing to do when you experience strange layout behaviour and collapsed layouts is to use the debug mode (with the [tt]
[/tt] parameter) and use the Analyze Layouts button.


I used
Analyze Layout
in debug mode: after clicking
Analyze Layout
button the table was redrawn correctly and the debug window informed me that there were no layout errors.

In the meantime I also noticed that this effect only happens in IE 7 and not in Firefox 3.6.

Thanks, Thorsten

“Analyze layout” will cause a page refresh, which apparently corrected the error. One possibility is that a javascript error occurs. Any javascript exception should be shown in red in the debug window when you press the button that causes the error. Another option is that layouting isn’t working for some reason, try to see if “force layout” in the debug window has any effect. The third thing to check is that your widgetset isn’t compiled for only Firefox.


thanks for your suggestions. There was no
error and
Force Layout
had no effect.

But I found a workaround now…

I noticed that the error only occurs when the second table size makes the site large enough so that a scroll bar is displayed.
this change (no scroll bar / scroll bar) the
table refresh does not work (… as described).

My solution (far far from perfect but better than nothing): I added a large invisible component (
in my case) to the right bottom side of my split panel. So the scroll bar is always visible… so there is no change and finally there is no display error.

Thanks, Thorsten