Table: no components in table

What’s wrong?
In my table I render rows contains components. After loading data source to table sometimes there are empty fields (components aren’t visible, text - yes). I have not any exceptions.

I attachement there is an example.

Thanks for any help.

This happens when I scrolling table content. After refreshing table data source everything is ok.

I can remember a similar issue. I’m not 100% sure but I think the problem was, that the there was a height set by Table.setHeight() which didn’t fit together with the value set by Table.setPageLength(). If I remember right, the height of the table should only be limited if lazy loading isn’t used => setPageLength(0).


I found solution. I think so that might be an bug.


  1. Load data to table
  2. Scroll table with data to eg. 50% of table content
  3. Load new data to table
    4.Table doesn’t display all components


  1. Load data to table
  2. Scroll table with data to eg. 50% of table content
  3. Scroll table to top, to the first table item
  4. Load new data to table
  5. Table display all components

In Vaadin 7.4.1 there is that same bug. Maybe recreating table should help?

OK. Now it works. This is temporary solution. I re-create table and load data to new table:

private void createTable() { pzbs = (FilterTable) buildTable(); h.addComponent(pzbs); h.setExpandRatio(pzbs, 1.0f); } private void recreateTable() { h.removeComponent(pzbs); createTable(); } private Component buildRoutes() { routes = new ListSelect() { { setNullSelectionAllowed(false); setSizeUndefined(); setWidth(100.0f, Sizeable.Unit.PERCENTAGE); setHeight(100.0f, Sizeable.Unit.PERCENTAGE); setImmediate(true); } }; routes.addValueChangeListener((Property.ValueChangeEvent event) -> { if (routes.getValue() != null) { recreateTable(); countAndUpdatePercentage(countCorrectReadouts());; selectedRoute = (KTREntity) routes.getValue(); updateTable(); } }); return routes; }