Table,Multiselect and laptops with touch screens.

There is comment in Table.#setMultiselectMode
* Note, that on some clients the mode may not be respected. E.g. on touch
* based devices CTRL/SHIFT base selection method is invalid, so touch based
* browsers always use the {@link MultiSelectMode#SIMPLE}.

But there are laptops with touch screen. On this devices ctrl/shift base selection is valid.
I have desktop only application and table with multiselect mode.
And users on laptops with touch screen have some problems with using tables.

Is there a way to force using MultiSelectMode.DEFAULT mode for all users?

This behavior seems to be hard coded in VScrollTable.setMultiSelectMode(), so there isn’t an easy way to override this for touch based browsers.

create a ticket
about this if you feel it should be possible to override this behavior.