"Table, multiple selection" issues in Chrome v 22 - automatic multi select


I am having issues in Chrome v22, where rows are automatically multi-selected (without holding down the Ctrl key). See below:



I believe this is the same issue that was cropping up 8 months ago:


My organization dealt with and implemented a fix last time this happened, but now it seems to be cropping up again. To further confuse things, some co-workers who turned OFF Chrome auto-updates are not seeing the issue, though we are BOTH running version 22 at this point.

I will also be logging a defect with Chrome.

Anyone else experiencing this or know any workarounds?




Fixed this issue. It was from 3rd party software (SMART - http://smarttech.com/ ) forcing Chrome into touch events enabled mode. Deleting the software was the only way I was able to stop Chrome from automatically turning on touch events.