Table loses selection when scrolling

I have a Table with about 500 rows where I want to select all rows. I click the first one, hold down Shift and click the last one. At first it looks like it selected all rows but if I scroll up I see that only the first and last screenful are selected, and if fact retrieving the selected rows with getValue() only returns a few rows. I tried to use FilterTable and it does the same.

It looks like something happens when scrolling (the buffering from the server) that breaks the selection. Is there a keyboard shortcut that selects all rows in a table? I tried Ctrl-A but select the whole web page

Weird, I was unable to reproduce the problem in the
- are you able to do it?

Have you considered using
the grid
instead? It even has a simple checkbox for selecting all rows (click on the cog wheel in the top right corner, change the selection mode to multi)

I couldn’t reproduce it with the sampler, maybe because of the number of rows.
In my 490-row table I’ve been trying to select all rows in different ways (keyboard and/or mouse) and it looks pretty random, sometimes it selects 45, others 75 (interestingly enough, the visible row number is 15)

I’ll check out the Grid, didn’t know about it (I started with Vaadin 7.0)

I guess adding a “Select all rows” button is better than Shift-click anyway