Table - Line focus never leaves the first line

Hello all,

I have this strange bug on my tables and I could use some help… Using mouse navigation I am able to select any item on a table but on this situation or keyboard navigation the focus line (dashed around the row) always comes back to first line of the page… How could I fix this in order to mantain the focus on the selected row?

A new bit of information. The focus with the keyboard navigation can go until de second line… when I go to the third the focus returns to the first line!!

Bruno Santos

What version of vaadin are you using? What browser? What browser version? Can you show us some code how you have configured your table? Any focus or blur listeners or other listeners? Without further information it is pretty hard to know what is going on.

I have something similar myself as well. The bigger issues rose for me when I tried to multiselect with holding shift down and moving with the up and down key. One press down selected the following row, but the focus moved to the first row of the table. after pressing down again it goes to the second row of the whole table, which is unexpected.

What I’ve noticed, it seems to be a certain combination of features that has broken it. For example refreshing the data and having an action handler attached to the table seems to do some magic. I have created a bunch of tickets of focus issues and some of them have been fixed. I have yet to test the latest version in the real application to see if those issues have been fixed.