Table lazyloading behavior differs in browsers

For some reason I found different browsers handle big data in tables differently (I know, I should not show big data in a table … please ignore this right now :wink: )

In Chrome everything works like I would expect it. I define the table size, then I got an accordingly big scrollbar and can scroll to every point in the table.
In FF and IE the behavior is completely different. The scrollbar-size depends on the number of visible rows (about 3 times the visible rows maximum) and if I scroll down to the end, the next bunch of rows are loaded.

Also, while in Chrome the end of the table is defined, the other browsers allow to scroll further and further, as long as “getItemIds(int startIndex, int numberOfIds)” returns values.

It seems that the size value of the container is not considered in FF and IE. Is that correct? And if so, why?



this does not sound like correct behavior at all. Could you tell which Vaadin version you’re using and how many rows you have in the table? Which container are you using with the table?

The project I recognized this behavior is attached to this ticket:

I’m using an own Container to delegate lazy loading to the backend. Maybe I screwed it up somehow ^^