TABLE is overflowed.


the problem is that sometimes (usally during first run the application) my table with BeanItems has overflow and scrolls appear. If I refresh page or invoke action showing table again then everything ist ok.

It’s annoying because when table has only one row, then it’s unvisible because of these scrolls. Uuhh :expressionless:

Can someone help me? Why Vaadin behaviour is not determinstic?


  1. Sometimes it looks like:


  2. If I refresh page or invoke action showing table again.


Something like this can easily happen with custom themes, which you seem to be sporting in your application. try adding in the end of you url in the browser ?theme=reindeer. This will change the theme to reindeer for that run. Check if the table is still buggy. If not, then the problem is in your css.

We’ve seen something similar (and do not believe it has anything to do with styles, not to mention using custom styles is allowed) and basically used set the page length to be one more for IE. I don’t know if you are using IE or not, but we have code like:

WebBrowser wb = vaadinApp.getWebBrowser();

You may also find that you want to make sure the page length is at least 1 (depends on your needs) even if the container is empty (otherwise you’ll just see the header row), and you may want to ensure it’s not set longer than the max rows you want to show. We we use code like this to ensure the row count is between 1-6 in this example:

WebBrowser wb = vaadinApp.getWebBrowser();
setPageLength( Math.min(6, wb.isIE()?container.size()+1:Math.max(1, container.size())) );

Hope that helps…

By the way, we’ve noticed that horizontal scrollbars appear based on the the content of the table columns. It’s odd because the text often looks fine and all fits, but the scrollbars will appear. If we then adjust the window size, or even change the width of the table column by dragging the column separators, it will then cause the scrollbars to disappear. So the calculation is slightly off making it think there’s overflow when none is really there.

This doesn’t seem right… If you can reproduce this with the latest builds and a minimal application, please
create a ticket

There were several problems on IE with extraneous scrollbars due to IE interpreting the standards differently from other browsers when using HTML5 DOCTYPE. Please test with the latest nightly build (and reindeer theme) to see if they have been resolved.