Table is not scrollable

Hey everybody,

it’s me again, the vaadin noob :*).

I habe a table that fills dynamicly while runing the project. Now I want to be able to user the scrollbar, but this doesn’t work. The scrollbar appears and I can use it with my mouse wheel, but I cannot scroll by clicking the scrollbar. This is really weird and disturbing because some of the users don’t have a mouse wheel and therefore aren’t able to scroll.
code (nothing special 8o):

table_1 = new 

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I still have no clue what the problem could be :-(. Scrolling with the mouse wheel still works fine but there is absolutely no reaction when I click on the scrollbar. It would be really helpful if somebody could give a hint what could cause this problem beacuse I’m really stuck right now and don’t have any ideas what I could do.

It’s getting morge confusing: When I add the table to a subwindow it is possible to scroll with the scrollbar, only at the mainwindow it is not possible…

Another fact:
when I am over the scrollbar and using my mouse wheel, it ist also not scrolling. Normally it should also scroll when I am over the scrollbar and user the mouse wheel.

This is rather interesting. Does the scrolling work with the same browser in e.g.
the Table examples
in the Vaadin Sampler? What browser are you using? Could you post a complete (but minimal) test application?

I have to use IE 8, and it worked fine all the time before. And to increase the confusion: now it works again. I wanted to change my code that the table is displayed in a subwindow (because this always worked), had some problems and changed it back to the old version where the table is displayed in the main window. And, magic magic, the scrolling works like nothing ever had worked better. This is reeeeeally confusing because I tried a lot before I decided to display it in a subwindow. In my opinion the code is the same (of couse it is not, there must be a problem in my code).

the code example is easy, here a simplified and generalized one

Table table = new Table();
//Table stuff

//Method to fill the table



void fillMyTable(Table table){
table.addItem(new Object[]{"test", "test"}, 1);
table.addItem(new Object[]{"test", "test"}, 2);


Notice that everything worked fine except for the scrolling (if you don’t use the mouse wheel). It also worked in projects I have done before, so I don’t think that there is a browser problem.

Another (crazy) fact:
when using firefox 3 and click a lot of time at the scrollbar, it works once.

I backuped my project and try to reconstruct the problem, let’s see if I can provoke the problem againg