Table inside accordion isn´t updated

I have a table/accordion problem.

I have an accordion with 4 tabs and to every tab there´s one table added.
When I first build the accordion and the table and then update the BeanItemContainer of the first table (first tab) nothing happens. First I have to manually click the second tab and then the first tab again to see the changed / new items.

So, how can I see the changed / new items instead of this manually workaround? I tried nearly everyhting - i.e. “markAsDirty()”, table.setImmediate(true), and some other things but nothing worked for me.

Thanks for helping me,

It seems unlikely that the Accordion would play a significant role in your problem.

My guess is that you’re updating the beans directly and not through the BeanItemContainer. If you update the data through the BIC, it will notify the Table about the changes, but if you update the beans directly, the BIC has no way of knowing about the update, and therefore neither has the the Table. If that is your problem, I recommend that you only access your beans through the BIC. If you really need to access your beans directly, you need to use a notification mechanism
as demonstrated in this example

Well, I don’t know what happens there without knowing more details, but that’s my first guess if something isn’t updated correctly.