Table inside a portlet application : HeaderClickListener doesn't work

Hi everybody,

I’m facing a problem with the Table component inside a portlet application deployed in Liferay portal (v. 5.2.3). The vaadin version I use is 6.4.1.

I would like to override the default sorting behavior. To do that, I disabled the sort thanks to the method : setSortDisabled.

Then, I declared a HeaderClickListener and tried to implement my own treatment.

But it seems that I never catch the event. I also tested the sampler on your website (with the same browser, to be sure) and everything works fine. That makes me think that it’s something related to portlet.

Any ideas ?


Edit : I would like to add that the default sorting behavior works fine.


I’ve tested with new release 6.4.2 and the same problem occurs : within a portlet, the HeaderClickListener of the Table doesn’t work.

Should I open a new ticket ?


Please do that and attach a short test case that demonstrates the problem.