Table in Vaadin 6.4

I’m using Vaadin 6.4 nightly builds. New features of table component proved very helpful for me in fulfilling my requirements.

I’ve few more requirements that I want to bring forward.

  1. I want to add icons in the column/row header clicking on which I can do a certain task, say opening a new window. Infact the table must be flexible enough to add any component in the header like Button, TextBox, CheckBox etc. Adding click handles to the entire header may not be useful everywhere.

  2. The function getColumnWidth(id) returns -1 when my table size is auto/expandable (setSizeUndefined). Some method must be provided that can return the exact column width in pixels.

  3. Header styles can be changes using CSS but it will be very helpful if methods like setColumnHeaderHeight is provided.

  4. The function setVisibleColumns will hide the columns, but it does not reduce the table size. (See image attached) Method like resizeWidthOnChange(boolean) can be provided.

I want userIP and userName whenever any user logs into my application. In servlet programming it can be achieved using the following methods:
request.getRemoteAddr(), request.getRemoteHost()

Is it possible in Vaadin? The book-of-vaadin doesn’t talk about HttpServlet Objects.

For any component, I should be able to change its style, borders etc.
component.setBorder(“1px solid #1100FF”);

Sure it does. And I even found it by typing vaadin httpservletrequest to google.

Wow… That was a pretty quick response.
Thanks a lot!