Table - Hide item in menuBar

I have a vaadin Table on my page (
See attachement to undestand the problem

1 - How to hide the item in the menu when the header of the column is empty (
for a checkbox for example
) ?
2 - Can I access the menuBar object for a table Vaadin ?
3 - Can we disable this menu CSS so really there is no other solution ?

Thank you very much for your help (and I’m sorry my english is rusty).


Hello Laurent,

Use API by passing appropriate Column ID

As far as my knowledge goes

To disable use the API

Hope this solves your question.


Thank you very much. I tried this solution as shown in the code below and it makes me an empty column

private void gererVisibiliteColonnes()
/* permettre de cacher des colonnes par programmation */

    /* pour chaque colonne du tableau, masquable ou non */
    for (Column colonne : getColonnes())
        pagedFilterTable.setColumnCollapsible(colonne.getPropertyId(), colonne.isColonneMasquable());

[/code]Other ideas to simply disable the blank lines in the menu (otherwise does not hide in the table works)

Please HELP ME … Laurent

Hello Laurent,

Firstly, every table header as an ID, this includes generated Column either.

Try to do some thing like this

pagedFilterTable.setColumnCollapsible(checkboxColumnID, false);

This should help you with that.



I already tried your solution but when I do that, the column can not be masked (it works well) but in the menu I have an empty title. This is the empty title I want to hide. I would like for example a column containing a combobox with not to title.

pagedFilterTable.setColumnCollapsible("checked",false); Do you have any other ideas please ? :frowning:

Is it possible or disable this empty item (and its shadow) with CSS or jquery example ?
I already tried “display:none” but I want to display all "

<td id="gwt-uid-48" class="gwt-MenuItem" role="menuitem" colspan="2">
<span class="v-on v-disabled">