Table height not correctly calculated when using white-space : normal


In my application, I am trying to have a table with a dynamic heigth depending on the size of the content, and using the white-space normal css property to wrap lines when the content is too long. The pagelength is static (because the number of rows is choosen beforehand by the user). Unfortunately, the height is always wrong (most of the time too big). There are 2 columns with an expandratio of 1.

I have tried multiple scenarios (and combinations) : fixed width, 100% width, 100% height, undefined, pagelength = 0, pagelength = numborOfRows, …but none is working.

Is there any way to achieve such a behaviour?

The problem is that the Table is really picky about it’s content sizes. There are a lot of assumptions in both code and style that assumes certain parts of the Table to be a certain size; this is an unfortunate effect from the fact that Vaadin6 needed to calculate all sizes itself since Internet Explorer browsers (and others too) couldn’t be trusted to calculate things correctly.

There are people that have successfully modified the Table, but I’m not one of them. Just giving you an explanation instead of anything helpful :wink: