Table headers not displayed


I’m using
Vaadin 6.7.4
to develop portlets deployed on
I tested my portlets with
Chrome 18
and FF 11.
Portlets are deployed without any troubles.

I created a portlet with a simple Vaadin Table with headers set up with setVisibleColumns(…) and setColumnHeaders(…) methods.
If I try to access my application from it context (localhost:8080/appname), tables headers are displayed correctly.
But if I try to access my application as a portlet in GateIn, only the first column header is displayed.

After some investigations, it seems that this problem is caused by
in VScrollTable leading to a div with width=900000px in the page.
I can’t figure out why headers aren’t displayed in the portlet whereas they look fine by accessing the application directly.

Some ideas?


Hi, any news about this problem ? I have same bug with vaadin 7.6.8 and liferay 6.2 !
Thank you