Table header not in line with columns

Hi! I’m working on displaying query results in table(s) (it’s not SQL-based). One query can result in a number of tables. I use Lazy Query Container to load the results. Unfortunately, I came across an issue. Resizing a column results in the table header not being in line with columns. Please, see the attachments. This happens when I increase the column width. Also, this happens if the table is either of undefined size or width 100%.

The table is contained in the containers from the table to top:
table → vertical layout (size full) → horizontal layout (size full) → panel (size full) → vertical layout (size full) → vertical layout (size full) → vertical layout (size full)

I’ve tried solve this issue in different manners. I got rid of the lazy container and added dummy data (as shown in the attachments). I tried to change the sizes of the parent containers… Nothing helped unfortunately.

I use Vaadin 7.2.0. The source code is a bit complicated and thus it doesn’t make sense to post it.
I would appreciate if anyone could help me to solve this or give a hint. Thanks!

To me it looks like a bug in the table. Can you please make a simple test case and file a ticket at

The issue is solved. There was one CSS declaration in my theme which caused the issue.