Table header labels not showing on IE or FF4 (Vaadin 6.5.4)

I am using Vaadin 6.5.4. I have noticed that in IE (version 7 or 8) or Firefox 4, the table header labels do not appear until you click on each header. This problem does not exist in Google Chrome. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this perhaps fixed in the latest release? I did not see it listed as fixed in the 6.5.5 or 6.5.6 milestones.

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Does it occur with the Sampler demos, for example? That would be odd as I’m sure it would show in many of our regression tests, which are run also with IE.

Not that it would be rare for IE to have problems with Table. Which IE version, by the way?

I tried with Firefox 4 in Linux and didn’t see anything broken.

Sounds strange.

Make sure you have recompiled your widgetset (if you have one) and updated any static resources (themes and standard widgetsets if not served directly from the Vaadin JAR). Also make sure any browser and server caches are cleared.

This problem happens with either IE7 or IE8.

Another data point… it seems that the header label for the sorting column will be displayed. Most of the tables in our interface do not have the sorting column predefined, so all the labels are blank. Once I click on a column heading, the text for that one heading will show up. When I click on a different heading the text for the previous sort column goes blank again, and the new one is displayed. One of our tables has a sort column already specified, and consequently that one heading shows up.

I’m pretty confident that everything is compiled properly, as it happens through a build script. And everything gets cleaned out properly because we have an rpm based installer where we removed and reinstall everything. I have also cleared the browser cache (plus another user has had the same problem in their browser).

It does seem odd to me that everything is working perfectly on Chrome, but not on those other browsers.

Regarding the sampler demos, those work fine when I try them off the Vaadin site, changing the URL to reference 6.5.4. However, there are a lot of variables between those demos and what we have, as the application could be written differently or packaged differently.

I have been stepping through Table.paintContent() in the debugger, and it does seem that the “caption” attribute in the JsonPaintTarget is getting set properly, so there is no issue with the data itself.

Any thoughts on this? Some of our tables have not changed a bit in months, when we were using Vaadin 6.3.4. That version of Vaadin properly displayed table headers in all browsers. This definitely seems to be something introduced in a more recent version of Vaadin. Are there any questions I can answer that can help diagnose this?

Only what Henri said earlier. It’s hard to say what the problem could be if not those.

You can check the Vaadin and widget set version numbers with the ?debug URL parameter for the application.

What theme are you using (Reindeer, Runo, Chameleon) and do you have customizations on top of that?

We use Reindeer with some minor customizations, including some related to tables. We weight the captions displayed within the table headers, but as mentioned before, Chrome displays them just fine.

Found it! The padding style attribute is causing the table headers to not show up in IE or FF.

.v-table-cell-content {

padding: 2px 6px 2px 3px;

line-height: normal;
font-size: 98%;

When we remove the line in bold above, everything starts to work fine. Any idea why the padding attribute would have worked in earlier versions of Vaadin, but not now?

bump for an answer from Vaadin team

Can’t really say for sure why it would break only in newer versions and not earlier ones, since I haven’t been working on the changes for a long time.

Have you checked the Base themes instructions for table styling? (I guess not, since these instructions are not promoted anywhere except here if someone happens to have some trouble with CSS):