Table Header in Firefox 9, Vaadin 6.7.4

The header of tables are not displayed correctly in Firefox 9. The captions are not visible. See sampler application using FF9.
OS: Win7, 32bit.

After rebuilding my app and tables work fine using 6.7.4.
Still the sampler application doesnt show the headers correctly. (e.g.
If the sampler is using 6.7.3 then only 6.7.3 might be affected.

Hi, Sampler is still running 6.7.2 actually - will be updated to 6.7.4 shortly. Still, I can’t see any issues in except if you zoom out (this should be fixed in 6.7.4)

You are perfectly right. I checked all could think of before posting but I didnt notice that I hadnt had the normal size view. Sorry for any inconvenience.
thx for infos.