table header column default width?

I build a table with 9 columns without setting column or table width.

The table body columns are always okay, but the header columns no text is visible.

Inside the sourcecode i found the following lines.

Same thing is happening to me on WebSphere Portal 6.1 with vaadin 6.2.5 and 6.3-20100308.210424-31

Hello Knute,

the following css lines work for me :wink:

[font=Courier New]
div.v-table-header div {
width: auto;

div.v-table-header div table {
width: auto;

div.v-table-header div table .v-table-resizer {
width: auto;

div.v-table-header div table .v-table-caption-container {
width: auto;

Can you elaborate? Screenshot? When does this happen, in all tables or in one specific case? In which browser(s) does it happen?

Do you have a custom theme in your app? Have you tried disabling it?

Indeed not from you. This is part of the internal structure of the Table component, and it needs to be there. The two earlier DIV elements, first the 1053px wide and then the undefined wide, i.e. 100% wide, overflow:hidden, will cut off the 9000px DIV, so the header will not be 9000px wide, but exactly 1053px.

The 9000px is needed in order for the contained TABLE element to grow without limit, since browser rendering engines have very sophisticated size calculations for normal tables, which would in some cases make the table cells not respect their specified widths.

you don’t need to fix that value
, just leave it be. Your invisible table header column texts are caused by something other than this.

Or then I’m missing something that relates to Liferay, and that’s possible too. You could try to run your application outside Liferay, if possible, and see if the problem still presents itself.

Hello Jouni,

thanks for that answer.
The application outside liferay and without our own theme will be tested next week.
Results follow next week.