Table - Empty (blank) rows after scrolling

When scrolling up and down (vertical scrollbar) in a table, the table is not always rendered correctly. Sometimes empty rows are shown instead of actual values. After refresh or scrolling up again the table is rendered correctly.
This problem started to happen when I added generated column (small image thumbnail - 50x50 px) and it happens completely random (I don’t know exact steps to reproduce the problem).
Here is video which shows this problem when using scrollbar:

Video when using mouse wheel:

So, how to reproduce:
I made simple application which helps to reproduce the problem:
WAR file for Tomcat

Eclipse project
. The most simple way to reproduce it using this app is to click “Reload table row cache” button and then to scroll (probably you will need to repeat this step more times until you get this problem).

This is how the table looks when problem occurs:

Did somebody of you have the same/similar problem? Any ideas what could be wrong?

PS: I found and updated ticket written for similar problem: