Table drag and drop - feature request

I’ve been experimenting with drag and drop lately. Looks like the client side drop criteria could be made much more useful with one simple modification - allowing to send drop target details from server to client.

Existing API could be used for it. Let’s say that row attributes painted by:

com.vaadin.ui.Table.paintRowAttributes(PaintTarget, Object) method would be visible to client side criterions, such as


Combining it with a criterion like “TargetHasDetail” it would give a large boost to the client side criteria.

What do you guys think?

I would really like to receive some feedback on this. This feature is almost a necessity in my case… I’d rather not start hacking Vaadin source… again :wink:


Maybe you can get more feedback if you provide some use case examples. E.g. what you would like to do and why it isn’t currently possible.

We probably won’t include anything in Vaadin core unless we fully understand what it is and more importantly why it should be included.

That said, you can create a feature request ticket at
, just make sure that you explain and justify the request.


Thank you for reply. You’re absolutely right, I should have started with use cases in the first place.

As for a simple scenario, let’s take
server side example from sampler

If the API would allow us to send additional TargetDetail per each Item from server to client, we could send person’s last name and use TargetDetailIs, thus having dragging handled fully by client. As far as I know, it is not possible to do that now.

I could describe some other ideas, but being able to send additional TargetDetails alone would be a great improvement in cases like the one above.

Kind regards