Table doesn't update if only "generatedColumns" are changed

Ok, so let me explain first. According to the book of vaadin, generated columns are to compute some values and also to format columns differently.
So now I have this table backed up by a BeanItemContainer
If I change some property in the model among the columns which have “generatedColumn” attached, then the table doesn’t update (it doesn’t call the columnGenerators). If I change any property outside of the “generatedColumns”, then the table updates properly. My problem is that I use the columnGenerators to format the output, so I need the table to repain the item at each model change, since all columns are “generated”.

List<Person> persons = Arrays.asList(new Person[]{
				new Person("Eduard", "Korenschi"), 
				new Person("Olga", "Muldagalieva"), 
				new Person("Frantz", "Korenschi"), 
				new Person("Emil", "Losneanu"), 
		final BeanItemContainer<Person> c = new BeanItemContainer<Person>(persons);
		final Table table = new Table(null, c);
		table.addGeneratedColumn("firstName", new ColumnGenerator() {
			public Component generateCell(Table source, Object itemId, Object columnId) {
				System.out.println("regenerating cell");
				return new Label(table.getItem(itemId).getItemProperty(columnId).toString().toLowerCase());
		table.addListener(new ValueChangeListener() {
			public void valueChange(ValueChangeEvent event) {
				BeanItem<Person> item = (BeanItem<Person>) table.getItem(event.getProperty().getValue());
				System.out.println("Value changed called for " + item.getItemProperty("firstName"));
//				item.getItemProperty("lastName").setValue("Lucian");

If I decomment the commented line, then the table gets updated properly.


See thread which had exactly the same problem.

I just refined the javadocs in the addGeneratedColumn method.