Table Component - Selection change event not detected on Chrome


The Chrome browser doesn’t behave as expected when i try to select a single row of a Vaadin table component using mouse click. I end up selecting a new row with each click(My Shift and Ctrl keys weren’t pressed). Also, my application doesn’t detect a change in selection. The table works properly with other browsers(Firefox, IE and Safari), but not with Chrome. Though Chrome does behave as expected when using keyboard arrow keys to select row - then it selects a single row at a time and my app is able to detect row selection change events too.

To confirm further, I looked at the table components at Vaadin’s sampler(
) and noticed the same problem there while trying to select a row with a click, after opening the url with chrome.

This issue looks to be new. Earlier, when I had used Google chrome to test a demo vaadin application i had developed, I remember it was working fine then. But now, even that app seems to be having the same problem when run with chrome. (
- user/pass: user/user)

I have reported this issue to Google Chrome(My chrome version is 17.0.963.26 dev-m running on 64-bit Windows Vista Ultimate)

In the meantime, is there a way by which I can somehow stop this issue from happening on Chrome? Below is the relevant part of code:

table.setMultiSelect( false );


table.addListener(new Property.ValueChangeListener()

    public void valueChange(ValueChangeEvent event)
	Object id = table.getValue();

	selectedStatus = (Status) (id == null ? null : table
		.getItem(id).getItemProperty("Status").getValue() );

	if (log.isDebugEnabled())
	    log.debug("SELECTED :: " + selectedStatus);



It seems chrome has a different default setting as compared to other browsers. It selects single rows with Ctrl + Click - just the opposite of other browsers.

I can confirm that the mouse selection in the Table is broken with latest Chrome. Made a ticket
about the issue in the Vaadin issue tracker.