Table column with expand ratio and minimum width?

I want my tables to take all available width, and give any extra space to the last column.

I set all my Tables to 100% width, and expand ratio on the last column to 1.0f.

This looks fine for tables that fit on screen, but as soon as the table is wider than the screen the last column approaches 0 width.

I had expected that the columns first got the width they needed and then any excess width was assigned based on expand ratio.

I’ve tried to both set a width and an expand ratio for the last column, but the width seems to be ignored.

Is there something extra I have to to achieve this?

( My own idea for a workaround is to add an empty last column to all tables and give that all extra width )

Replying to myself:

This gave me the efffect I wanted:

addGeneratedColumn("DUMMY", new ColumnGenerator() {
    public Object generateCell(Table paramTable, Object paramObject1, Object paramObject2) {
        return null;
<include "DUMMY" in list of visible columns given in setContainerDataSource>
setColumnHeader("DUMMY", "");
setColumnExpandRatio("DUMMY", 1.0f);