Table Column Collapse Menu Scrollable?


I am attempting to show a table from a database. There is a realtively large number of columns in the table (~50), and not all may be relavent to the user. So the implementation collapsed the majority of the columns except for some of the most frequently viewed ones. Then the user can use the column collapse selector to determine which columns they want to view

The problem is that with how many columns are available, the length of the selector extends beyond the screen, and can’t be scrolled. The only way I can view the whole list is to set my monitor into portrait mode. Is there a way to make the list of viewable columns scrollable?



which Vaadin version are you using? This issue should have been fixed already at 7.2.5. If you’re using a later version, please reopen the ticket.


I am using Vaadin version 7.4.5. I went back and re-added that portion of my code and still can’t scroll the columns in the selector. Is there a setting I need to set?

Hi again,

there should be no setting to set. Weird that it does not work, since I just checked the test for this issue and there the scrolling seems to work.

If you can, could you create a minimal test case to reproduce the issue and reopen the ticket at so we could fix this if there is indeed some corner case left.