Table bug? Setting it invisible and back


So we have Table and if I setVisible(false) and then after some actions setVisible(true) table is basically left invisible. It is shown as some pixel wide line and If I manage to click on items it goes back to full size. Also if I refresh page or click Analyze layouts on debug console it goes back to normal.

Seems that it is not purely problem with table, but has something to do with Form I got after it in same panel. If I hide that form then Table goes to that pixel-line-mode.

Can you make a separate, minimal test case out of the issue?

Tried quickly do something but it worked too well. So will look into this after get all required functionaly done and can come back to fine tuning. Now I just keep list visible all the time so it doesn’t get broken.

But noticed today that if I hide table when show form and then switch other way it works. So something to do with both Table and Form beeing visible at same time.

I had the same problem. Wrapping the table in its own layout component and setting visibility of the layout instead of the table itself did the job in my case.

Using Vaadin 6.6.4, tested with FF 6, Safari 5.1 on Mac OS X Snow.