Table auto-scroll problem with IE7

I have a table where each row item can be double-clicked to get some additional information about the item. Everything works fine when all rows fit into screen and no vertical scrolling is needed. When there is so many rows that vertical scrolling is needed I run into trouble with IE7 (Opera and Firefox work fine). When I scroll down a bit and select some row, IE7 auto-scrolls back to top when I click the row. This means that I cannot double-click any row that needs scrolling to it. I always end up opening details for wrong table item.

Any ideas how to fix this problem? Do I need to do some tricks in ItemClickListener to get my app working in IE7?

What version of Vaadin does this occur with? There were some fixes to similar issues in one of the latest 6.5 maintenance releases and now also in 6.6.0.

I’m using 6.5.4, maybe I should try upgrade to 6.6.0 and check if the problem still exists, thanks for the tip!

Excellent! My app works in IE7 after upgrading to Vaadin version 6.6.0. Some oddities are still present.

A little bit background on what I got:

Table where:

  • paging disabled
  • height=width=100%
  • is immediate
  • column expand ratios defined (prevents part of table content from going out of view when there is very long values in columns)

Non-scrollable panel containing table

Even though I can now use my app in IE7, when I select some row from the table another vertical scrollbar appears. It disappears after a few secs though but looks like a bug to me. This bug occurs only in IE7, Opera and Firefox work as a charm.