table and lazy loading

I want to know if is necessary to use lazy query container to improve lazy loading in table with vaadin 6.7.3 . in vaadin smpler is mention that Table supports lazy-loading, which means that the content is loaded from the server only when needed. This allows the table to stay efficient even when scrolling hundreds of thousands of rows.

So you have the data in three locations - in the database or similar. From there it is loaded into a container, and from the container it goes to the client side of the table (= the browser). The loading from the container to the table is always lazy - the table asks the container for more rows when you scroll in it. However, the database-container connection is not always lazy. The standard containers like Indexed-, Hierarchical- and BeanItemContainer load everything into memory at once. If you don’t want to query everything from the database into the memory, you have to either to some filter fields the user can reduce the item set, or then use a lazy container.