Table and Expand Ratio

Is there a way to have a table:

  1. include a scroll bar if it needs one
  2. fill available space in a browser window, without making it’s container scroll
  3. have undefined height (parents have height undefined, layout doesn’t like relative height=100% inside an undefined container)

That is, I want to set pageLength > 0, to enable buffering/scrolling, leave height undefined, but also want it to obey an expand ratio if I give it one in it’s parent container.

I have buttons above and beside a table, and don’t want them to scroll out of view if the table is larger than the current window, but I also want the table to use the full window height if it needs it, rather than limiting it’s size to a fixed number of rows.

Our layout is predicated on undefined height, not height=100%, so I can’t set an explicit relative height on the table.

To me it sounds like you are trying to get a sort of minimum height, and if the content of the table is larger, grow to a maximum of 100%.

Unfortunately currently none of the core components allow you to specify min or max sizes. You can use CSS to achieve this, but that won’t work in IE6.

If we can do that for Table components with CSS, great! We kick off a theme contract with you next week :slight_smile:

We tell our customers we don’t support IE6 anyway (too insecure).