Table: Adding alternate color in empty table body

We are using Table component. Our table component size is fixed but some times it may have less number of rows than the height of the table.

As we know it generates different colors even and odd rows but the remaining body space of the table (when rows are less than table height) remains empty and white color.

I have the requirement to fill that empty body space with same alternate colors even when it has less rows.

Any suggestions about how this can be achieved?

PS: If possible I want to do this by just extending on client side table widgets rather than creating the dummy row component on server because we are using Query Container for data and it will disturb miss-calculate the rows and their indexes etc.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I would just try to add a background image with CSS in the empty section that has those even and odd colors.

Thanks Henri. We cannot use background image because the color of these alternative rows is not fixed and it can be set to be whatever value in the server and then server generates the appropriate CSS dynamically and sends to server where Vaadin application is running.