Tab sheet + scroll bars layout issue


I want to display a TabSheet at full size, where the individual tabs (currently VerticalLayouts) have vertical scroll bars if their height becomes more than full size.
I know that to get scroll bars in a Panel it is enough to set the panel to full size and it’s content VerticalLayout to undefined height like this:


It doesn’t seem to work the same for TabSheets:


apparently isn’t enough.

I tried working around it by using a Panel as the tab, but then it shows the caption twice (once in the TabSheet and once in the Panel) which I don’t want.

What is the proper way to achieve this? I’m new to Vaadin so still learning.


It should definitely be enough just to add an undefined sized layout inside a tab sheet: scrollbars should appear when necessary.

What Vaadin version are you using? Can you post a bit more comprehensive code snippet so we might spot the problem?

I was using version 6.7.6. I tested again with 6.7.8 and it seems to be working!