Tab placements in TabSheet

It seems like it’s currently impossible to define whether the tabs appear in the left or right hand side of the layout (currently only left).

Are there any plans on giving the possibility to define where the tabs are (left, centered, right)?

No plans have been made yet. I’m pretty sure it is, like you said, impossible to place the tabs on the right side of the layout.

I suggest you create an enhancement ticket for this to get the ball rolling.


DOM.insertBefore(tr, td, spacerTd);


DOM.insertAfter(tr, td, spacerTd);

there, problem fixed! :lol:


I did a new ticket:

I hope it’s detailed enough.


bringing this issue up from another point of view…

Is it possible to have for example 4 tabs to be on the left side, then have the v-tabsheet-spacertd in the “middle” and then have 1 tab to the right?

Does anybody have any comments if this is possible to do with Vaadin?