tab not displayed in the Tabsheet

Hi All,

I have a Tabsheet with more than one tab and every tab has its own content. Tabs are hideable based upon a dropdown item I select.

When I select an item ‘A’ from the dropdown I get 4 tabs (tab 1, tab2 tab3, tab4) in the tabsheet which is expected.
when I select another item ‘B’ from the dropdown I get 2 tabs( tab2, tab3) in the tabsheet which is expected.
When I select again the same item ‘A’ from the dropdown I get 3 tabs(tab2 tab3, tab4) in the tabsheet. The first tab(tab1) is missing from the screen. But there is a scroll bar on the right hand side corner of the screen where I click, the first tab is shown on the screen.

Only when I refresh the page the first tab is getting displayed. Please let me know if there is any other work around for this.

I saw a related ticket which is also similar to this defect.

I’m using 6.7.2. This ticket says it has been fixed in 6.7.9.

I’ve attached the mock screen as well.

tabs.jpg is the screen which gets displayed when the app starts up.

tabs2.jpg with tabs gets displayed when I change the dropdown value.

problemTab.jpg is the one where tab 1 is missing. I have pointed the scroll bar with red lighting, which when clicked shows the tab 1.