sync error with weblogic


I develop a vaadin app and publish it to Tomcat and everything was cool.

But then I reconfigure my war and publish it on weblogic (10.3.5).First it was ok but then it started to give me synch error and even if I started application again and again problem continues.

There is no other problem only sync problem and it usually occurs on screen changes(It does not understand that the screen changed, for example I am using yes,no confirm window when I click yes/no the window is still there and when I press yes/no again it gives me sync error, but in tomcat there is no problem)

Is there a different setting/config for weblogic?

or What can be the problem ? Does anyone know any issue about weblogic?

Hi Halil,

Which browser do u use? If these problems occurs in IE 7,8,9 than it can be related to be bugs
Ticket #6970
Ticket #7231.

There is a workaround about this bug but if it is not a problem for u, u can upgrade your version to 6.7.4. These bugs resolved
in this version. You can check this link for
I hope it is a solution for ur problem.

Yes, it solved my problem for some versions of Firefox but there are still same errors for minor versions of firefox (8,7,…) and IE .

I test with firefox, chrome and IE before but it was interesting there is no problem with Tomcat, but maybe because of my calls to requestRepaintAll. But in weblogic it seems it was not enough …