SVN check out of the book example.

I’d like to run the examples given in the book.
I’ve found them on your dev side:

Is there a way to check them out from svn as eclipse project?
I’ve browsed from subversion, but I cannot find it.

Many thanks.

Trac has view to that svn so their are the same. One that you found is on pretty old revision. Vaadin has moved since to versions/6.0. In latest revision it’s

You can checkout versions/6.0 as eclipse project.

Thank you Mauno!

There’s no ready project package for the book examples. You can check out the Vaadin source code and configure a dynamic web project in Eclipse as described in
. You can then run the book examples with

The book example code in the repository is not really written to be used by anyone else but me for copy-pasting to the book. I guess it would be nice to package the book examples better, and possibly have it as a separate branch, been thinking of that.

Themeing is broken in many of the book examples and some parts in the code are really outdated.

The Sampler example code is much better packaged and included in the demo package.