SVGComponent Add-on Not working in IE8

I downloaded the SVGComponent add-on and got it working with Firefox and Google Chrome. However, when I view it in IE 8 the image is so small it looks black… It should actually take up most of the page. I have Flash 10.3 installed as well.

Any ideas? Compatibility issues with IE and GWT/vaadin? Any help is greatly appreciated. I have a looming deadline AND I’m new to vaadin.


Do the online examples work for you?

If they do I’d guess it is either:

  • component sizing issue: try fixing the size of SvgComponent to eg. 300px*300px first. Then try more advanced sizing.
  • svgweb issue (svgweb is a library used by SvgComponent that renders svg using flash)


The online example works in IE8 though not in IE6 or 7 (a requirement for our application). My svg file is quite large so as you suggested I tried sizing at 300px. That didn’t work either. I should have also mentioned that the svg file was generated in Visio and then saved in svg format. – Any known issues there?

If you have tried with some simple SVG file in your own application, there might be two different issues:

  1. There is something wrong with SvgComponent and IE6/IE7
  2. Visio generated SVG files are not compatible with svgWeb.

Do your Ie6/IE7 machines have latest flash as well? I have currently no proper test machine which has old IE and new flash. All hints for the first issue is appreciated.

I don’t have a Visio. If you can post me an example file I can test if something is wrong with it.


Hopefully our lab can install IE6 and IE7 with the latest flash. I’ll test on those machines as well. I am attaching the SVG file generated from Visio. What I’ve done is used this file in place of the pull.svg in your example. I then added the component to a horizontal split panel in my application.

Please test it and see if you can find something wrong with it.


P.S. I can’t attach the file with the .svg extension. I hope you have a zip utility so that you can unzip. (53.3 KB)

The issue was definitely the Visio-generated svg file. Thanks for your help!