SuperDevMode and client-side code changes

I have the default maven vaadin-archetype-application for Vaadin 7.4.5 setup in Eclipse. I can successfully start the application (use the Click Me button) and SuperDevMode using the instructions in

Here are the steps in the file.
mvn install
mvn jetty:run
mvn vaadin:run-codeserver

I have enabled SuperDevMode using both the “Dev Mode On” and “Dev Mode Off” bookmarks and using the Debug conosle, in both casese the application compiles. However when I make a change to the UI (for example change the button caption) the application recompiles but the new caption does not appear in the browser. I can see it compiling in my console and generating files for example to Local\Temp\gwt-codeserver-8074489059995464122.tmp\test.test_superdevmode.MyAppWidgetset\compile2\war\test.test_superdevmode.MyAppWidgetset

Why can’t I see those code changes?


if you mean that you’re changing the caption of a Vaadin Button, that happens on the server side. So no dev mode required, it’s only needed for client-side code changes. You just need to make sure that your code changes are published to the server automatically - or use JRebel to patch them in on the fly.