sun.java2d.pipe.SpanShapeRenderer$Composite; cannot be resolved


I am trying to use the coverflow example from itmill demo sources

but I cannot get the library above.

and tried several options with no luck.

Help if any.

Describe a bit more…
I guess your trying to generate images on-fly? Does it give this at runtime? Try changing jvm.

I am trying to run this example

which have source code from here

Now I have created the folder structure in eclipse and have those classes in, now one class called complains about

import sun.java2d.pipe.SpanShapeRenderer$Composite;

And I cannot get the library, to make it resolved, and from what I read…the library should be included in JDK 6, but still the complain is there…thats why i asked if anybody knows about how to get rid of it.


Edit: Disregard this, you answered before I asked…

But ICoverFlow does not contain such an import, afaik…?

Are you sure you did not import that by mistake?

Maybe I’m missing something…?

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Ah, perhaps you pressed ‘organise imports’ in eclipse, and accidentally imported the wrong Composite; ICoverFlow needs this:

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Thanks Mark

And plus, I had an old version of toolkit, now everything is OK:

Thanks for the help.