Sum just the collumns that are int type

Hello , everyone.
I’m having doubts on how I can sum the values of columns of a table that are int type. I want it to automatically sum the values of all int collumns of a table and show it on the footer of my table. No buttons, no clicks, just show the table with the sums on the footer.

Check out the interface Container.ItemSetChangeListener. Override the method in your table instance, and do the sum calculation there (remember to call super too). There are no automatics for this kind of thing; but it is easy to do yourself.

Thomas, thanks for your answer, but maybe I was a bit general on my question.
Actually, I want to know how do I get the type of every column and sum just the int type ones.

You can get the attached Properties (columns) for each Item (row) from the Container; the Property always has a type. Do as above, and keep e.g. a Map<propertyId, Integer> with the sum.