Suitable web component to pick the directory path

In my frontent part of web app I need to allow user to choose some directory and save its full path. Something like download or upload components but without file loading. Just picking path of directory.
Please suggest appropriate web component or how to tune download/upload component for my task.

Do you want to pick directory in the users computer or the server?

Client side. User computer I mean.

This is by default not possible. But Browsers do have Native File System API, see: File System API - Web APIs | MDN

So in theory using that it is possible to access the client file system and get the path. But that requires that user configures the Browser to allow access, as allowing such access to web application is a big security risk. You can’t enforce this remotely, so it will work only in the cases that your end users are technically savvy enough to configure browser, and are understanding the security concerns related to this. I personally would avoid adding any feature in a web application, which would require to use this API.