suddenly getting "more than one mappable servlet in your servlet context"

A Vaadin/spring boot app that was running literally 30 minutes ago with no changes is suddenly giving me this error when I try to launch it via IntelliJ running the main application class:

Looks like an attempted upgrade to a later Spring Boot version stuck around somehow, creating an issue with Vaadin 24.0.5. Upgrading to the latest version of Spring Boot and Vaadin solved this.

I’m getting also this error, with vaadin 24.2.3 and SpringBoot 3.1.4 :frowning_with_open_mouth: Switching to the latest versions did not help…

We could eliminate the h2 part by deleting it from our pom, since we are not using it.

For me the solution was to step back in springframework version to 3.1.1. This filter chain problem is unresolved since 2023. juny.