Subwindow components are all dithered as if they are not active

Vaadin 6.8.10

No matter where in my program I call any type of subwindow in my application, the subwindow is dithered as if it’s not active. I can still select the components on the table and do everything as if it was active. I have tested this in several different browsers as well. I didn’t do anything that I’m aware of that would have changed the color scheme or modified the subwindow.

I have had a few issues in the past where I click to open a subwindow once and it opens two subwindows or more and I have to close them out, but the top one was always in focus. I cannot find any additional subwindows open in this instance. This is constant across my program.

Any suggestions on where to look or what could be causing this behavior?

Any ideas on this one? It’s global across my entire application and I can’t find the source.

Can’t say I’ve seen something like this before :(. Do you have a custom theme in use? Could you use e.g. Firebug to check if you have duplicate windows in the DOM? Look for divs with v-overlay-container class name.

If you could post some sample code to reproduce the issue it would go a long way in helping you :slight_smile:

Thanks, Teppo! I do have a custom theme in use and I will look at Firebug for those divs. I was only recently introduced to Firebug, so I forgot about it.

The application is spread across many jars and it would be difficult to post all of the relevent code. That is the only reason I didn’t include it. I realize this makes it more of a shot in the dark as far as someone helping me.

Interesting note, I pulled up the application in FireFox and I don’t experience the issue. I typically use Safari and it appears to be only an issue in Safari. I have cleared my cache, as this has fixed other theme type issues in th past, but no luck this time. I’ll have to log into my Windows VM to see if it works as expected in IE as well.

It sounds like the subwindow shadow is for some reason rendered in front of the window…

Any way I can confirm this? or better yet correct it?

This works as expected in all browsers with the exception of Safari. I really need to be able to support this in Safari as well. Any thoughts?