Subscript/Superscipt on TextArea.

Hi guys,

is there a way to input a subscript/superscript value in a TextArea?

It depends on what your subscripts/superscripts are. The component doesn’t allow HTML content, which would allow any text in the *scripts. However, Unicode
has some superscript/subscript characters
. … x² x³ x⁴ x⁵ x⁶ x⁷ x⁸ x⁹ x⁺ x⁻ x⁼ x⁽ x⁾ xⁿ x₀ x₁ x₂ x₃ x₄ x₅ x₆ x₇ x₈ x₉ x₊ x₋ x₌ x₍ x₎ xₐ xₑ xₒ xₓ xₔ xₕ xₖ xₗ xₘ xₙ xₚ xₛ xₜ…

I tried this a while ago while searching google for a solution. It wont work on my laptop. would this mean that I have to use the numpad?

@Marko: found your comment on a thread posted 4 years ago.!/thread/602591

"Well yes, you can just type them in, although different operating systems allow typing ANSI or Unicode codes from keyboard a bit differently. For example in Linux/KDE, you hold Ctrl+Shift down and type “u00b2”, which results in ². In Windows, hold down Alt while typing +00b2 (you need to press + on the numeric keyboard, not the other one).

Some keyboard layouts might even give such characters with some AltGr combination.

Or you can just copy&paste." - Marko Grönroos

copy&paste doesnt work on my end. maybe I’ll try this in a keyboard with a numpad.


Yes, inputting them
depends on how your operating system allows that
. In Windows you use the numpad.

Thank you…