Subclassing vaadin components -> use in declarative format (7.4.0.beta3)


I am using the 7.4.0.beta3 version of Vaadin and am trying the declarative format. The designer looks nice although I am running into some problems. In our project we use quite some shorthand subclasses of Vaadin components to do some preconfiguring. We have a YTextfield instead of TextField and also a YNumeric which even incorporates a AbstractJavaScriptExtension that connects to a jquery plugin that handles numeric input, etc. In any case there is at least no custom GWT involved at the moment.

The question now is how can we use these sort of components in the designer without having to write an addon for each of them, which would require quite some work, and also diminishes our projects structure. The palette shows the available components but has question marks for icons and after drag and drop there is a black square instead of a working component. Furthermore, the html file does not have any code that represents the new component.

So in short:

  1. How can we incorporate subclassed components in the current project without custom GWT (just a quick shorthand for some settings) in the designer? Will they get rendered?
  2. If such a shorthand subclass incorporates a javascript extension. will this work? Or at least can the designer just ignore that part?

with kind regards,