Sub-Windows and DateFields wont close

Hi! I would like to know if someone has experience with Vaadin this behavior on sub-windows and DateFields.

I am working with SpringBoot 1.4.1 and Navigator Views.
If I open a new window, even by doing it very simple, I am not able to close the window.

utton registerButton = new Button("Register"); registerButton.addClickListener(event -> getUI().addWindow(new Window("Hey"))); It does not matter if the window is modal, closable, or has enabled any other property. If I open a window that has a TextField on it, when I first open the window I can of course interact (write) on that TextField. Then, when I click on the close button, the windows does not get close, but I can no longer interact with the window (if I write on the TextField, nothing happens). At that point, I need refresh the page in order to continue working.

Then, on the DateFields, the behavior is similar. Clicking the mini-calendar in order to select a Date on a DateField / PopupDateField component, causes the calendar to be stuck open. I can click on any date, and the date changes on the field itself, but the calendar remains present, and even if I try to click anywhere else on the screen, it just will not go away.

Is it possible for this 2 this to be related? If someone could point me something that I could check, it would be greatly appreciated.
So far I have tried several versions of Spring Boot, using Windows and DateFields with different properties, but the behavior remains the same.


EDIT: I have found the root problem (I am using a theme that I have created extending Valo theme… If I just use valo theme everything works ok… I now need to understand why I am breaking these components by extending the valo theme, I just added a few classes to change some colors…)