Sub-window within a sub-window in Vaadin 7

Hi all,

Is it in Vaadin 7 also still not possible to have a sub-window within a sub window? Apparently
it is not possible in 6
. Though I did find on StackOverflow that this might do it in 6: yourCurrentSubWindow.getApplication.getMainWindow().addWindow(myNewSubWindow);

Example use case would be; open a subwindow for some data-entry. Then when the user hits the Cancel button, show a “Are you sure” sub-window on top of the first sub-window.

Played around with UI.getCurrent().addWindow() and getWindows() but that shows the sub-window behind the first sub-window. Could maybe do something with CSS, but rather not go that route.


Just came across this method: subWindow.bringToFront(). Might do the job, although kind of faking a sub-window on top of a sub-window because I add them both via UI.getCurrent().addWindow() so both really at the UI level…