Sub Window : Minimum SIze


Why is there a hard-coded minimum-content size on a sub window? (See VWindow#setSize currently 150x100px)

Context: I’m trying to create an modal error dialog where I can show/hide the stacktrace - screenshots attached. Style based on Light window style in Reindeer, with window caption resized to 0 via CSS. When I initially show the dialog, it shows with the “correct” size, which in this case is <100px high - and then immediately resizes to ensure that it is at least 100px high, giving an unpleasant “jump” effect.

Perhaps VWindow#MIN_CONTENT_AREA_HEIGHT & MIN_CONTENT_AREA_WIDTH could be change to be variables that can be set on the server side, with the current values as defaults?



Please remove the size limitation, it is not really necessary.

create an enhancement request
about making the minimum size customizable.