Sub window Embedded content changing upon dragging


I am having this issue where sub window contents are overlapping with the background content when I drag the window.The subwindow has a PDF document streamed in from the database as the embedded content.When I click on the contents and bring the focus back to the window fields the background contents dissappear.I am attaching the screenshots to further clarify the issue.Not sure why that is happeningAny help in bringing some clarity is much appreciated.I am using the adobe pdf add-on version and firefox 10.0.2.

12237.docx (668 KB)

There are several issues with subwindows and flash and subwindows and pdf.
this bug
this bug
In the second bug, look at the CSS workaround, it seems to have helped other users get this fixed quickly
like in this post

Note : screenshots inside a word document might be impossible to view for non microsoft users, use pictures instead


I had the issue with the overlapping subwindow and I fixed that by setting the background to solid instead of transparent in the theme.But this is different since when dragging the window it doesnt seem to be repainted properly(it is dragging the background content with it).I have attached the screenshots as images to make things more clear.Awaiting your inputs and if I need to raise a case for it to be solved sooner then I can do so.


Looks like a bug to me.
Look in the bug tracker if there is nothing looking alike and if not create a new ticket.

I have created the ticket for this


Is there a time by which this would be fixed.I seem to be having no reponse on the ticket yet.Could you suggest an alternative that could be implemented?


The development team has been quite busy lately, so it seems this bug has not been prioritized high enough.

If this is urgent, you could consider subscribing to
Vaadin Pro Account
and handling this via (paid) support or marking the ticket as a bugfix priority. That should expedite someone taking a closer look at it.

Thanks for pointing that out.I have changed it to the highest priority since it has to be fixed soon.