Styling polymer/lit element from Java

Hi! I’m using the Grid Pagination addon (
I want to change the width and height of the paper-icon-button (this is the paging button) and the values of the --iron-icon-width and --iron-icon-height CSS variables in the iron-icon (the paging button’s icon). What is the way to achieve this (from Java and/or from my styles.css)? The component structure is on the attached image. Thanks!
p.s.: I’m using Vaadin Flow 23.3

I’m not familiar with the add-on, but style properties are assigned values in a style sheet like so:

some-selector {
  --iron-icon-width: 80x;

where `some-selector` is whatever the correct scope is. If you want it applied globally, then `html`, otherwise maybe `lit-pagination` which seems to be the element name of the component.